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NL Consultants

New York


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NL Consultants has been offering consulting services in the eye industry for the NY Metro area since 2016. Our goal is to build and provide eye care providers with business stability, efficiency, and profitability. We work closely with doctors and opticians in converting routine optical offices to medically-oriented optometry practices.


Our company is dedicated to providing our clients with a multitude of services including but not limited to: optometric practice evaluations and negotiations for office purchases, optometrist's salary negotiation, cold-start office set-ups, and investment opportunities for passive and/or active incomes.

NL Consultants is committed to helping our clients obtain the best financial outcomes possible.


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03 consultation services

Practice purchase negotiation
Practice appraisal
Optometrist contract negotiation

Cold start build A-Z
Sublease medical builds
Silent investors
Active investors
Partnership OD + OD

Partnership OD + Optician


We buy practices/opticals in Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten island


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Text: 929-428-1235

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